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Soundjungle-Tipp der Woche: Toteles X Bexxone – Zenith

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Soundjungle-Tipp der Woche: Toteles X Bexxone – Zenith

The 2nd Songs of Toteles & Bexxone: melodic house/techno.

Zenith is our 2nd song together. Our first Song Rêveries was released on 8th April 2022. We complement each other perfect and it quickly became clear that we would continue!

12 noon, when the sun is at its highest, the hottest time of the day and the anticipation of the party in the evening begins. This power at its zenith is a synth melody and a grooving beat inside, cast off, get on the boat and turn the speakers up to full blast!

We work with different systems. While Bexxone has perfected the beat and bass with FL Studio, my focus is via Logic pro X on the synth and strings. If possible, I try to include my modular eurorack system. The Club Edition clearly goes ahead and drives the movement – so great Energy for dancing! The Equator Chillmix also has great energy, but creates a little more calm and invites you to wind down. This is melodic house & techno in its most beautiful flow.

Zenith: the summer of our dreams – get moving!

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