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Video-Tipp: XEDM & FR3SH TrX – I Can’t Believe It


Video-Tipp: XEDM & FR3SH TrX – I Can’t Believe It

Time for a new collab! After German producer Sven Hessel a.k.a. FR3SH TrX has already released several successful tracks in collaboration with B.Infinite, DJ Combo, O`Neal or most recently Tom Skobe and has received more than two million streams for these titles and his own tracks, the new single “I Can ‘t Believe It” as a collab release with Taiwanese newcomer XEDM. In March 2022 he released his debut single “Anthem”. XEDM and Fr3sh TrX transport their track about a disappointed love into virtual Sci-Fi worlds! The spherical and soundtrack-like Future Rave Track creates the perfect atmosphere. The video shows the song’s protagonist compensating for her broken relationship by fleeing into the virtual world. In doing so, she discovers how incredible and infinite the possibilities of VR are, and not just as a distraction from the pain of relationships…

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