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Soundjungle-Tipp: Talla 2XLC – Eternal Spirit

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Soundjungle-Tipp: Talla 2XLC – Eternal Spirit

The Eternal Spirit by Talla 2XLC on Technoclub Retro! utilizes perfectly the stunning melody from Pete Namlook project 4 Voice original released back in the 90’s.  Talla 2XLC services a wonderful mixture of psy tech with uplifting and even old school trance ideas. Solid intro part leads to the big breakdown that the revelation of the beloved synthy hook is very effective and ensures to bring tears in your eyes and raise the hair from your back instantly. It creates that sense of urgency and emergency on the dancefloor that always manage to grab the attention of the clubbers. Talla 2XLC once again respects what he touches with his hands and elevates The Eternal Spirit to a miraculous peak time monster uplifting future trance classic.

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